GVSU Laker Store at Grand Valley State University

About Us
About University Bookstore
We are proud to be owned and operated by Grand Valley State University as a service to our students.

About Us
Mission Statement
GVSU Laker Store is dedicated to serving the students of Grand Valley State with resources which enhance the University's mission and image.
Our Values
  • Diversity: We create a welcoming community which embraces the diverse range of cultures, experiences and opinions that shape the world.
  • Ethics: We incorporate integrity, honesty, and fairness in all our decisions with the clear intention of balancing customer interest and the stewardship of University resources.
  • Innovation: We continuously evaluate and enhance our systems and procedures to better serve the community.
  • Service: We provide superior service to our community through the development of high standards, excellent interpersonal communications and quality staff training.
  • Sustainability: We make every effort to effectively utilize our resources in an effort to sustain our Enterprise, our University, our Community and our Planet.
  • Responsiveness: Recognizing that value is a hallmark of Grand Valley State University, we strive to deliver the right products and services to our students at the best possible price.

  • GVSU Laker Store History
    UBS History
    Grand Valley classes begin. Allen's Book Shop in Grand Rapids agrees to order and sell books for Grand Valley students from a closet in the Dean's office.
    Bookstore moves to a room in the Seidman House. By 1966, the store grows to two rooms and two employees with a full-time manager. The store sells textbooks, tradebooks, school supplies, sweatshirts and greeting cards.
    Seidman facility outgrown, the bookstore moves to the Commons. The new facility provides the bookstore with more selling space and storage.
    Bookstore on the Allendale Campus moves to Kirkhof Center under the name of Campus Bookstore.
    In keeping with the nautical theme of the "Campus Center," later know as the Kirkhof Center, the bookstore is renamed the "Main Deck Bookstore."
    Grand Valley State College becomes Grand Valley State University. The store is renamed University Bookstore.
    In April, GVSU officially opens the Eberhard Center as the first buidling on the Grand Rapids campus. Included on the first floor of the building is the Center Shoppe, later renamed the Eberhard Center Bookstore.
    University Bookstore Alledale undergoes a major store renovation, and the store is gutted completely. Flooring, lighting, and fixtures are replaced, and a cafe is added.
    The downtown bookstore moves from Eberhard Center to the DeVos Center and becomes University Bookstore Grand Rapids.
    The Copy Center moves from the Commons to Kirkhof Center and becomes Copy Center Plus. The cafe leaves University Bookstore Allendale, and a gift cove is added.
    University Bookstore web site is redesigned and becomes a fully functioning retail presence. University Bookstore warehouse is added as a storage facility.
    Store moves from Kirkhof Center into the new Marketplace building and expands to three levels. Store is renamed GVSU Laker Store.

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