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GVSU Laker Store- Textbooks

ATTENTION: There are two options for purchasing your Fall textbooks: Textbook Reservations and GVSU Choose. Before you get started, read the information on the banners below and decide which option is best for you.

Textbooks reservations can be used to purchase Fall textbooks only. Reservations are not available for Spring/Summer textbooks.

Reserve your textbooks today.

GVSU Choose can be used to purchse both Spring/Summer textbooks and Fall textbooks. Fall textbooks will not be available online until mid-July.

Use GVSU Choose to compare prices on books before you make a purchase.

CLICK HERE and enter the ISBN of your book to find out the sell back value.

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Return Policy
  • 100% refund through the first week of classes.

  • Packaged materials must be returned with all components unused and an unbroken seal.

  • Books may be sold back after the first week of classes for buy back value.

GVSU Laker Store strives to keep costs low by:

  • Maintaining low operating costs.

  • Increasing the availability of used books.

  • Working directly with faculty and publishers.